Dallas Municipal Court closed for the week

Dallas Municipal Court is closed for the week, and so far the city has not said why.

A notice was posted on the court's website Monday morning saying the building will be closed from May 22 to May 29.

"You can mail in payments, any requests, or documents to the court. During this time, we cannot accept payments in person, online, or by phone. There are also no court hearings, trials, jury duty, or administrative hearings (for parking violations). All cases scheduled during the outage will be reset. The updated court dates will be mailed to the address the court has on file once our system is up," the statement said in part.

The City of Dallas sent an update saying that the Municipal Court is undergoing a "previously planned upgrade." 

The city has been dealing with a ransomware attack carried out by the hacking group Royal.

The attack is having ripple effects around the city, and it is affecting the courts.


Hacking group that infiltrated City of Dallas servers threatens to leak sensitive info

As the hacking group Royal threatens to release information of city employees and government documents, the ransomware is preventing lawyers in some trials from accessing evidence.

"We've started to see in the courtrooms where they're not able to move forward with trials because they can't access their evidence," Douglas Huff, President of the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, told FOX 4 last week.

Courts have been closed since the attack became known early this month.

Several other city services were also affected, but many of them have been restored.

The City of Dallas says there is no "established evidence" of a data leak.