Dallas Mavs and doctors host 'The Huddle' to discuss vaccine

The Dallas Mavericks will take on a difficult conversation Tuesday about race and who is and who isn’t getting a coronavirus vaccine.

It’s the fourth gathering in the team’s conversation series called "The Huddle."

Tuesday’s main message is about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and overcoming racial divides in the United States health care system.

"The vaccine today and the talk we’re gonna have in helping Dallas rebound, and being able to have the opportunity to talk about the vaccine and rebuilding businesses is going to be something very very special," said Rolando Blackman, the team’s vice president of corporate relations.

Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall will moderate the discussion and explain why she got her shot.

The event begins online at 2 p.m. To register, visit Mavs.com/TheHUDDLE.