Dallas looking for money to fix deteriorating streets

Winter's snow and ice have made things worse when it comes to potholes on Dallas streets.

The city said it's patched 14,000 of the mini-craters since early March -- five times more than usual.

But those repairs haven't seemed to make a difference to some drivers stuck with flat tires, often more than once.

"I got out of my car and my back tire was flat," said Henda Salmeron. "I was like, you gotta be kidding me. It's like the third one this year in like two months."

The city said half a dozen crews have been working 12-hour shifts as part of its enhanced pothole repair initiative. It said work will continue until the emergency repairs get done.

Overall, a new report said about a third Dallas' aging streets are in poor condition.

Dallas leaders are considering several options to fund fixing the roads among them: bond money, user fees or getting help from the county and state.