Dallas launches free mobile security app

The city of Dallas is launching a free mobile app to help residents combat cybersecurity threats.

The Dallas Secure app is designed to protect users against scams. It scans links sent through email, texts and messaging apps, as well as QR codes for phishing attempts. 

"Public safety comes first in Dallas — and cybersecurity is a form of public safety," said Mayor Eric Johnson. "It is critical for our residents and for businesses to remain vigilant about their online safety in a 21st-century economy. We must work collaboratively to ensure that Dallas is on the cutting edge when it comes to stopping cybersecurity threats."

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The app sends users real-time alerts about threats and information about how to move forward.

The goal is to keep hackers from accessing personal information stored on a user’s mobile phone.

"This app will help inform our residents about cybersecurity in a way that makes it easy to understand, which will empower them to take steps to protect their digital privacy," said Genesis Gavino, the city's chief of staff.

Dallas Secure is free to download in the Apple and Google Play app stores.