Dallas ISD teachers learn to ‘stop the bleed’ in school mass shooting training

Close to 200 DISD teachers are better prepared to deal with life-threatening situations on campus. The teachers received special training on how to stop bleeding from gunshot injuries.

The new training comes after Governor Greg Abbott's response to recent mass shootings in Texas. It’s now House Bill 496.

It was reality-based training and was extremely eye-opening for many.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary for DISD teachers who were students for the day. They were taught by emergency responders how to stop the bleeding on gunshot wounds and save lives in the event of a mass shooting.

It was a direct response to Governor Abbott's response to recent mass shootings: House Bill 496.

"I have a lot of faith that the teachers are understanding what’s being asked of them and what Gov. Abbott is asking of them,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Gil Pena. “And they're doing a good job so far right now."

It’s mandatory training from the classroom to simulation to a lifelike mass shooting scene.

"With the gunfire and the screams, in the world we live in today it's realistic,” said teacher Cameron Love. “It gets you prepared for something you really don't want to see."

The teachers who trained on Friday will in turn train groups of teachers at their schools. The district says the plan is for students to receive training along the same lines.