Dallas investigators searching for Uptown robbery suspect

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Dallas Police are looking for somebody who attacked a woman in Uptown.

Police say the incident actually went out as a kidnapping call, but when they got to the scene, they realized it was a robbery.

It happened around 2 A.M. Saturday morning in the 3300 block of Fairmount Street, not far from Katy Trail. Police say a 26-year-old woman was walking to her car when someone came up behind her and demand her purse and phone. She said no and screamed for help. That’s when the attacker pushed her up against her car and took the items themselves.

Another person came to help but police say the attacker knocked over that person and ran off. The woman was fine, only suffering minor cuts to her face.

This all happened as bars were closing and a fair amount of people were out and a bout. FOX 4 asked around the area if people would feel safe walking around alone at that time and about the area in general.

“No, I usually wouldn't just because that's whenever the bars let out,” said Leah Severin.

I always go for runs through here and I'm always seeing cars with busted out window, glass all over the ground pretty frequently so I'm not surprised honestly that stuff is going on around here,” said Hayden Harrington.

Police searched the area but couldn't find anything. They did say they are searching for a young and thin Asian or Hispanic man, about 5’7. He was also wearing a black hoodie or beanie.