Dallas, DeSoto PD looking for armed suspects after crash

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Police hope surveillance video of a crash and shootout helps them track down some suspects. The accident critically injured an innocent driver.

Surveillance video shows a white Mercedes barrel through a stop sign and hitting the driver of a pickup.

Police believe two people in another white car were chasing the Mercedes and then exchanged gunfire with the people in the Mercedes.

The Dallas Police Department and DeSoto Police Department are investigating the incident.

It's believed one car started chasing another car in DeSoto. It ended in Dallas with three people critically injured in the hospital.

A surveillance camera captured the moment a white Mercedes flew down Polk Street and into an unsuspecting pickup driver. The crash sent both vehicles hurling down the street.

Video from SKY 4 shows the scope of the wreckage strewn about the intersection at Polk and Danieldale.

“The driver of the pickup truck, he was just an innocent bystander, if you might, who was just traveling along his way,” said Dallas Police Sgt. Warrant Mitchell.

But the terrifying incident didn't end with the crash. Moments after, a passenger in the Mercedes got out. But police are most interested in a white Kia Forte. Police say it was chasing the Mercedes and somewhere in that intersection, there was gunfire between the two groups before the Kia sped off.

“We don't know if it stems from a road rage,” Mitchell said. “We don't know if some other illegal dealings were going on or what.”

It's unclear if anyone was shot. Police did recover a gun at the scene.

Paramedics took the two people in the Mercedes and the guy driving the pickup to the hospital with critical injuries.

Detectives have little else to go on besides the surveillance video recorded from a long distance away in their search for the white Kia Forte.

“Just to be a victim of just driving on your way home. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring some light to it,” Mitchell said.

It’s unclear why the two cars were in a chase or whether people in the Mercedes will be charged.

Police say that all three people injured are expected to survive.