Dallas County begins offering COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5

COVID-19 vaccinations for kids as young as 6-months-old may ramp up Tuesday.

The first few shots were administered Monday, but some were delayed by the Juneteenth federal holiday.

Kids who get a Pfizer vaccine will need two doses three weeks apart, then a third dose two months later.

The Moderna shot is recommended as two doses four weeks apart.

North Texas doctor says it's 'wonderful news' kids under 5 can soon get COVID-19 vaccine

Doctors said the shots are safe, effective and outweigh the risk of a child getting COVID-19.

"During the omicron wave, a lot of infants and toddlers were being hospitalized and that was very, very difficult. You know, we don’t… we don’t at that point up until now, we didn’t have a vaccine that could protect these children," said Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas’ chief of infectious diseases.

Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang told the Dallas Morning News the county is expected 2,000 does initially.

The county expects to receive shipments of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for young kids.

Doctors recommend parents take whatever is offered by their doctor.