Dallas County again sets record for new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations

Dallas County again reported another record one-day total for new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, with 345 cases.

This is the fourth day in a row of a record number of positives cases in Dallas County.

There were also three more deaths reported, bringing the county's totals to 13,930 cases and 283 deaths from the coronavirus.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the increase in new cases recently is due to more testing, but added that the increased number of hospitalizations from the coronavirus is of greater concern.

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Jenkins tweeted that this is the highest number of hospitalizations from COVID-19 we've ever seen in Dallas County, in Texas, and in our region.

"Think of hospitalizations as the tip of the iceberg. There is much more ice under the water out of the hospital and that portion of the iceberg is growing as more and more people get infected from one another," Jenkins tweeted. "All this tells us that it’s so important that we focus on our health. There are other important things to focus on but we cannot take our focus off our health."

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