Dallas City Hall plaza site of New Year’s Eve party for first time

Dallas City Hall has transformed into a New Year's Eve party destination for the first time.

Thousands are expected to fill the plaza on Tuesday night and enjoy a prime location to watch the Reunion Tower fireworks display.

“It’s a first year event, we are not sure what to expect. We are getting a great response,” said Frank Librio, Visit Dallas

Party on the Plaza organizers say the gated area in front of city hall is permitted for 7,000. The setup includes: 25 food trucks on the Akard Street side, a sound stage for live music and beverage vendors.

Entertainment includes Michael and Jason Castro of American Idol fame and Emerald City's Elevation Band.

“We wanted to create a fun holiday event where people can come from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, Little Rock, you name it, where people can come enjoy,” Librio said “Dallas has a very unique holiday experience unlike any other.”

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Security has been taken into account, officials said.

Off-duty Dallas officers and city hall security will patrol inside and outside the perimeter. A private security firm will visually inspect bags at dedicated entrances on each side. Coolers and backpacks are not allowed.

The Keller family, hosting relatives from Salt Lake City, say their focus is fun.

“It’s going to be amazing, We heard there's going to be great fireworks,” said Heather Keller.

Organizers said people can park on surface lots near city hall, the convention center’s Griffith Street garage or can ride DART and avoid the hassle.

The event is funded by occupancy taxes collected from local hotels to promote the city.