Dallas baby's mother sues T-Mobile over 911 delays

A grieving mother is suing T-Mobile because her 6-month-old son died while his babysitter’s calls to 911 were put on hold.

Bridget Alex’s son, Brandon, died in March. She said the babysitter called for help and was put on hold by Dallas 911 three times.

Alex wants compensation for the child’s death and the grief they are dealing with.

“I can’t sleep. I can’t work. I can’t go a day without breaking down because that was my happiness. That was my joy. That was my heart that they ripped out. So… I’m broken. Physically I can’t cope. I’m just here. I’m lost and all I can think about is if they would have came, if they would have answered the phone,” she said.

Alex wanted to make it clear that she believes the babysitter did all she could to save the boy

The city of Dallas initially blamed its 911 problems on a technology issue with T-Mobile. But it later admitted staffing problems could have contributed to the big delays in response time.

Dallas said T-Mobile has made significant changes to its network in Dallas in recent weeks.

The city itself is not named in the lawsuit.