Crews recover 2 bodies after father tried to save son from drowning in Fort Worth quarry

A recovery team with the Fort Worth Fire Department recovered the bodies of two men after a father tried to save his son from drowning in a quarry Saturday night.

A fire department spokesman says a call came in at 7:30 p.m., about a 25-year-old man who went into a body of water on the property of Silvercreek Materials, a landscaping company, on the far west side of Fort Worth.

The body of water is a quarry that's about 80 to 100-feet deep.

The victim, who officials say cannot swim, was attending some sort of a gathering at the company.

His father went into the water after him, and he too never resurfaced.

On Sunday, crews continued to search the quarry, and were able to recover both bodies.

The two have been identified as 25-year-old Martin Gutierrez and 51-year-old Martin Talamantes Gutierrez.

“It’s incredibly sad. It's a tragedy," said Kyle Clay, with the Fort Worth Fire Department.

There's no word on how the father and son are connected to the company.