Crane to remove remaining cars from Irving parking garage

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The remaining undamaged cars that are stuck in a partially collapsed parking garage in Irving will be removed by crane on Wednesday.

Two sections of the garage collapsed a week ago, damaging or destroying more than two dozen vehicles. No one was hurt or injured in the collapse.

The property owners brought in engineers to stabilize the upper deck so another 60 vehicles could be driven out. The remaining six vehicles are in positions where the only way to safely remove them is by lifting them out.

After the remove the remaining vehicles on the top deck, crews will focus on removing debris and crushed vehicles down below. Drivers say even though their cars are totaled, they need the proof of damage for insurance.

Meanwhile, FOX4 obtained radio calls from the fire department which provided another perspective on what first responders were dealing with when they arrived.

“I’ve got an approximately 40x40 section of a concrete parking garage that has fallen down. Unknown victims. Approximately 40 cars involved. Thirty of them appear to be buried,” a first responder says on the call.

All of this happening before the second collapse – crashing down on the hopes of Vickie McMullin, whose beloved Jeep survived the first collapse.

“The concrete barrier, it’s split my roof in half,” McMullin said.

She’s been renting a car out of her own pocket to get to and from work, but can’t get to her work laptop or other important items inside her jeep.

“My insurance says until they can visually see it and verify the VIN number and the plate number and that it registers to me, they will not even give me an adjuster,” McMullin said.

She’s in a holding pattern with several others as they watch and wait for crews to carefully remove their remaining vehicles.

“I get here 30 minutes early and I go stare at it, at lunch time I go stare at it, and before I go home I stare it. I love that Jeep,” McMullin said.

The cause of the collapse still has not been determined.