Cowboys practice squad player Marquez White arrested in Plano

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Marquez White was arrested for allegedly threatening another man with a gun during a road rage incident on the Dallas North Tollway last October.

Plano police confirmed White was arrested on June 15 for the incident that happened in 2017. The indictment was handed up last month, and the details have just become public.

White is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is out on a $7,500 bond. His attorney says he was afraid after being harassed and called the “n word” by the other driver.

White’s attorney, Toby Shook, said it happened as White was heading home and exiting the tollway. He sped up to exit and another man sped up on the service road.

“A car was coming up on him suddenly, which wasn't giving him any room,” Shook said. “He had to choose between hitting the retaining wall or getting ahead, so he accelerated.”

Shook says the other driver became angry and aggressive so White brake-checked him.

“Then he pulled up beside him. His window was down and he started yelling threats that he was doing to kill him, started using the ‘n-word’ and started moving his hand around in his car, which frightened Marquez,” Shook said. “He thought he might be in danger that point.”

That's when White, who has a Florida issued concealed handgun license, produced a gun.

“He took his gun up and he held it up in the air straight. He never aimed it at him. Never threatened him with it. Just wanted to let him know he had a weapon to get him to back off,” Shook said. “He never made any statement to this person.”

Shook says White has no prior criminal history. He gave police a full statement and turned over his weapon at his nearby apartment.

The Plano police indecent report describes White's behavior as deadly conduct, a misdemeanor. But police say the two men's accounts differed. White says he merely showed the gun, but the other man says it was pointed at him, so police referred the case to a grand jury. It chose to indict White for a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

“He's shocked. He thought the incident was over. He reported and cooperated with police,” Shook said. “He comes from a law enforcement family. His father had been a police officer. His uncle is an officer. He thought there was nothing to it. He thought he was the one in the right.”

White was the Cowboys’ sixth-round draft pick from Florida State University in 2017. He played in a few preseason games and was ultimately signed to the practice squad.