COVID-19 vaccination efforts could last a full year at current pace

Most people will need to be patient for the sorely needed COVID-19 vaccine.

The pace of the vaccinations is expected to pick up but it will still be months or even a year before everyone who needs and wants one can get one.

A UT Dallas data scientist said the challenge is that there is not just one system for administering the vaccines.

"At the current pace, we’re going to be at this for at least a year before we hit that target mark of 80% of our population. So what we don’t want is for people to get that false sense of security that now that the vaccine is one the scene, everything’s going to change. I hate to say be patient but we have to continue to be vigilant," said Dr. Tim Bray, the director of the UT Dallas Institute for Urban Policy Research.

It’s a problem with production meeting demand then distribution to the states, which in turn send them to the counties and other providers.