Competitors overcome winter weather to take part in Fort Worth Stock Show

Children work years for the moment they get to show their animals at the junior steer show at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. 

Texas families were not going to let anything stop them from competing, not even ice.

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Tristan Himes, with a tight grip on his steer, did Friday what he has since 3rd grade.

Only this year, the Sterling City teen and his incredible looking black steer, Steve, snagged the grand prize at the Fort Worth Stock Show’s top competition.

"My cousin won in 2014 and I got to hold the banner for him and I’ve been dreaming about when I could do it since then. So I guess it’s finally coming tomorrow," Himes said.

The Fort Worth Stock Show is moving into its last days, in the middle of an ice storm that likely impacted attendance.

Still, officials focused on the good fortune to even hold the show after the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the tradition in 2021. 

"These young men and women busted their tails for the last year, or 18 months, to come here," Matt Brockman said. "These have been some really interesting times. Having to cancel our 2021 show because of COVID outbreak was a difficult decision to make. These kids wanted to be here, they’ve worked to be here having the show."

Competitors, like Cody Ford, said safety is key, but the show must go on.

Officials point out that in 2020 the auctions raised more than $4.5 million for scholarships and prizes for young cattle industry enthusiasts.

The severe weather and ice may have challenged the end of the stock show’s run, but these youngsters worked it into the overall learning experience.   

"It’s pretty scary trying to walk him around on all the slick concrete. It could all go wrong in a hurry, so we’ve had to be real careful all week, but we made it," Himes added.