Cleanup efforts continue in Rockwall after wind damage

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People in Rockwall's Dalton Ranch neighborhood continue to clean up and repair damage from Wednesday morning's devastating storm.

There were clear blue skies overhead Thursday afternoon as contractors got to work and friends rallied around storm victims and first responders.

Things have settled down quite a bit compared to the chaos and confusion following the 95 miles per hour straight line winds that tore several homes in the area apart. Residents are now focused on recovery.

Rhody Lynn Kennedy was at the site of the damage to try to help her friend who was a storm victim.

“I'm as devastated as she is,” Kennedy said. “I'm thankful that she's alive.”

Her friends were ready to step in with everything else.

A constant police presence is at the sight to guard any salvageable belongings, a source of comfort for residents that isn't going unappreciated.

Shannon Gillespie and her son Aiden went around the neighborhood to deliver lunch to officers on watch. It was a small gesture that meant a lot.

“We'll band together just like we always do, and we'll take care of our neighbors,” Gillespie said.

Police say they will keep officers in the area until residents are all able to collect their belongings.