City of Arlington cuts the ribbon on new library

The City of Arlington wants to prove that libraries are not a thing of the past.

The city cut the ribbon on a new $30 Million library that’s embracing technology and the digital world.

“Reading is the basic foundation to the pursuit of most knowledge,” said English teacher and mother Amanda Ogolesby.

Now, 13-year-old Jordan Kedler and everyone else will have a new 80,000 square foot space, filled with new ideas and concepts to enjoy.

“I love the library go there almost every day,” he said. "A lot of my friends are mostly on their phones, I still love to come to the library."

Despite the digital age, Arlington Library Director Yoko Matsumoto believes the new George W. Hawkes Library, a new cornerstone for downtown Arlington, will draw people in.

“We want to create spaces that technology tends to pull us away from the human connection.  So we are wanting to bring that back into our community,” she said.

The Arlington Library is open to anyone, regardless of what city you live in, but non-Arlington residents can expect to pay $25 for a library card.