City confirms same North Dallas dogs are responsible for 4 separate attacks

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With Dallas city officials under pressure to crack down on wild dogs, after the mauling death of a woman in South Dallas, Fox 4 News has learned of another case where Dallas Animal Services failed to follow through on a dog attack complaint.

Nancy Lewis, a Richardson hair dresser said it happened in September of last year when she was dropping off a client at a home on Winterwood Lane in North Dallas.

"The dog latched on and just pulled," Lewis said. "(My client) just put the key in the front door, the dogs came out and viciously attacked me. She fought to get the dogs back in the house. I fought to get the dogs off me."
Lewis's wounds required stitches and, later, reconstructive surgery.

EMS and Animal Control came to the scene but Lewis says they told her there was nothing she or they could do. "And they said, 'Well, every dog is allowed one bite.'"

Randall Turner, an attorney has handled dozens of dangerous dog cases in court. "That really surprised me," said Turner, "that an animal control officer would actually think that. "

Last month, Lewis says another Animal Control investigator called her about a case where the same dogs got loose and attacked somebody else.  "He said, 'I want to know what happened to you because there is no report here."

Lewis says the investigator then told her that in 2012 the dogs bit the finger off of an elderly person.
City officials confirmed to Fox 4 News that the same dogs have been involved in four incidents, including the attack on Nancy Lewis.

Attorney Randall Turner says if the Animal Control Officer had filed affidavits, that would have started to process that could lead to seizure of the dogs. "This is really something pretty basic."
Lewis says she was never told she could file an affidavit.

Helen Meadows, owner of the dogs, says they are not a threat to the neighborhood but acknowledges they are protective of her home.
"Are you concerned they might be dangerous?" Meadows was asked.
"No," she responded. "We put a new fence up. They are not let out."

After the dog's fourth reported attack a dangerous dog hearing was held last month. The judge in the case has not yet issued a ruling.