Christmas decorators take precautions during windy weather

People are beginning to put up Christmas decorations and companies that install them had to change their plans Sunday, to keep workers safe from the wind.

Owner of Christmas Light Decorators, Joaquin Salas says his company started putting lights up around DFW in October. He’s had to rearrange his schedule to avoid really big homes that require tall ladders to put up lights. He instead focused on a house with a flat roof so his workers could get on top easily.

"It's like woah, it is windy. If we do have to get up on the ladder, we'll have a guy hold it down below just to make it extra safe."

The company has also been impacted by the rain in October as well. Salas says the wind is not a setback, but something that changes their plans.

"On days like today that are super windy, we plan for houses that are, work that doesn't entail us getting on top of real high ladders."