Christina Morris' kidnapper gets life in prison

A judge handed down a life sentence for Christina Morris’ kidnapper Friday morning.

Enrique Arochi was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping by a Collin County jury more than two weeks ago.

He was the last person seen with Morris in a Plano parking garage before she disappeared two years ago. Her body was never found, but her DNA was found in the trunk of his car. Arochi chose to be sentenced by the judge and not the jury that convicted him.

Before making a decision, the judge allowed prosecutors to bring up evidence from another case against Arochi. He’s accused of choking and hitting a 16-year-old girl while engaging in sexually deviant behavior with her.

Morris’ biological mother also testified about how her daughter was her miracle and that she beat cancer two years after her birth. Jonni McElroy broke down while talking about how she misses going skateboarding and shopping with her daughter, as well as hugging and kissing her.

Morris’ father also talked about how Arochi was the only one of his daughter’s friends who didn’t show up to search for her the day after she disappeared. He said he knew she was gone when police found DNA in the trunk of Arochi’s car.

One by one five family members spoke to directly to Arochi during victim impact statements after the sentence was announced. Nearly all of them pleaded for him to tell them where they could find her body.

“You need to do the right thing and tell me where my daughter is at,” Mark Morris told Arochi. “I hope you rot in hell!”

Christina Morris' mother vowed to attend every future parole hearing and fight for the life sentence to stick with her dying breath.

FOX4’s James Rose said Arochi appeared dismissive, annoyed and even smirked several times as they spoke.

McElroy told reporters after court about Arochi: "He needs to tell the truth for once in his life, that's what I mean by do the right thing. Tell me where Christina is, because you know where she is. Plain and simple he knows where she is."

No one from the Arochi family appeared to be in the court room for the sentencing. His attorney plans to appeal saying the trial should not have been held in Collin County because of all the pre-trial publicity.

Arochi's sentence means he won't be eligible for parole until the 2044, at which time he would be 56-years-old.