Carjacking suspect claims he was off his meds during high speed chase

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The man accused of stealing two cars and taking police on a high-speed chase gave his side of the story from jail.

Police say 20-year-old Joshua Aguilera stole a car in Grand Prairie last Friday and his twin brother, Jonathan Aguilera, was following behind him in another stolen vehicle.

Jonathan was arrested after a short chase, but Joshua kept driving and crashed before stealing another vehicle. The chase finally ended in Denton County when a DPS trooper shot out the tires, and he surrendered.

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Joshua denies most of what police are accusing him of, but he also had trouble keeping his story straight. He claimed that he was off his medication and didn't want to get in trouble for crashing the car so that's why he decided to run.

At times seemingly confused, Joshua said he's unsure exactly what happened last Friday.

“I don't really remember,” he said.

Video from SKY4 showed the stolen pickup with a pressure washer in tow weaving through traffic. The chase ended with two mangled wheels and a Maltese clinging to the door frame.

“He was good. He was licking me,” Joshua said about the dog left in the stolen vehicle. “It was being friendly. It was nice.”

Police say it all started when Joshua stole a vehicle in Grand Prairie and fled on I-30. They say his twin brother was following behind and was arrested after a short chase. Joshua seemed to have trouble recalling that part.

Joshua later claimed he and his brother borrowed the vehicles from a friend.

Reporter: “So who's car were you driving before the truck?”
Joshua: “I don't know.”
Reporter: “I thought you said someone let you borrow it?”
Joshua: “No. The truck that I had before, some guy got it from me. Well, yea. Some guy let me borrow it, and I wrecked that one. So when I wrecked that one, I got off and started running.”

Police say Joshua wrecked the first stolen vehicle near Westmoreland and I-30. That's when he spotted Norm Junge's truck with his dog still inside.

“There was nobody in the truck,” Joshua said. “I got in it, and I took off.”

Joshua ran from police because he says he was scared of getting into trouble. At times, he went 80 miles an hour and nearly hit other drivers. Finally, he gave up when a DPS trooper shot out two tires and he could no longer drive.

“I don't know what was going through my mind,” he said. “When I don't take my medication, I'm not all there.”

Joshua said he normally takes medication for ADHD, sleep apnea and anxiety. He is now charged with evading arrest and aggravated robbery.

According to court records, Joshua was also convicted of felony possession in 2015 and was arrested for theft last month.