Burleson football player in ICU after post game accident

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Burleson player, #46, made the most tackles of his high school football career, Friday night, but it was a hit he took after the game that landed Jonathan Lopez in intensive care.

"Jonathan was sitting on a tailgate. The truck moved and he hit his head. That's about as simple as it gets," says Burleson High School football coach, Gary McElroy.

McElroy says no alcohol was involved and the students were doing nothing wrong. The junior defensive linebacker and his friends were at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burleson after their 45 to 3 win against Joshua. McElroy says the guys were getting ready to leave when Lopez leaned up against the tailgate of a truck that was parked.

Lopez fell when two of his teammates, sitting inside the truck, tapped the gas as the truck was put in reverse. His head took the blunt of the fall.

"They're distraught. Upset,” said McElroy of Lopez’s teammates, “Felt like they had hurt their buddy."

Coach McElroy visited Lopez in the hospital, and learned he was bleeding around his brain. He says Lopez has been alert for a time and was able to speak to his dad.

McElroy addressed the team Saturday, and told them the latest on Lopez's condition, but the two players in the truck were not there. They didn't want to leave Lopez's side in ICU.

“He's a great kid. He loves his team. Loves his teammates and they love him."