Brother of SMU student sexually assaulted by Uber driver helps police track down alleged attacker

The brother of an SMU student sexually assaulted by an Uber driver followed the suspect and flagged down police so officers could arrest him.

Newly released police documents revealed new details about last week's assault on the SMU campus, but there is very little information about the suspect. There's no mugshot available.

FOX 4 has learned may be a Mexican citizen, but his legal status to live and work in the U.S. is not clear.

The brother of the female student was able to quickly track down the Uber driver on Greenville Avenue who she says is responsible for the sexual assault. 

For unknown reasons, information on the suspect has been difficult to come by.

A female SMU student was reportedly sexually assaulted by her Uber driver while being driven to campus at 2:30 a.m. last Friday.

SMU police arrest rideshare driver accused of sexually assaulting passenger

According to a newly released affidavit, the victim says she fell asleep in the Uber and woke up to the driver assaulting her. She got out and told police the driver walked her to her door and left. 

That’s when the victim called her brother and told him what happened. He’s the one who ordered the ride. He lives nearby and spotted the suspect’s vehicle, so he followed it for about one-and-a-half miles to Greenville Avenue. That’s where the brother flagged down a Dallas police officer who conducted a traffic stop. 

Police say the suspect matched the driver information on the Uber app and admitted to dropping a female off at SMU during the timeframe of the assault.

The Uber driver is 50-year-old Anselmo Alejandro Amil Contreras.

SMU police say he was booked in the Dallas County jail, but he’s not showing up in the jail’s database. A mugshot is unavailable. The sheriff’s office did not respond to FOX 4’s questions about his status.

The county sent a letter to Mexico’s consulate informing them Contreras is a Mexican citizen. But it’s unclear whether he’s in the U.S. legally.

The sexual assault comes two days after SMU police arrested a man who in the middle of the afternoon allegedly offered a female student a ride but requested sex once she was inside and refused to let her out until she gave him her phone number. SMU did not release his name.

Uber tells FOX 4 that the driver is deactivated from the program and is ready to assist law enforcement in its investigation.