Botham Jean's family holds prayer service ahead of Monday's trial

Family and friends of Botham Jean, along with those who never met him, came together Sunday afternoon to pray.

Jean’s father gave the sermon at Dallas' Cedar Crest Church of Christ, saying he can still visualize his son leading worship at church.

“We know there is a judge that sits on the bench, but there is also a judge that sits on high,“ Minister Jonathan Morrison said during the service. “So we put our faith and trust and hope in him. In the name of Jesus, we pronounce justice for Botham.”

After the service, there was a prayer held for all involved in the trial that is set to start Monday morning.

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Botham Jean was very involved in the religious community in Dallas before he was killed.

“He loved singing, and that is what I will always remember. I could picture right now, on stage, and just leading in song,” Bertram Jean said. “We miss him daily. Every day breaks my heart knowing that he is not around. God has given me the strength to keep living for him.”

The pastor of Cedar Crest is asking people to peacefully come to the courthouse on Monday, where there will be another group prayer held before things get started at 8 a.m.