Bobcats spotted roaming in North Texas neighborhoods

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Videos out of The Colony and Plano show bobcats on the prowl in neighborhoods. And while they won't go after humans, they are a danger to small pets.

Wildlife experts say this is a prime time of the year where you're likely to see bobcats.

Dan McNew was on citizen patrol last week near South Colony and Blair Oaks in The Colony when he caught video of a bobcat creeping.

"And he looked back at me three different times,” he recalled. “So he knew I was following him."

As McNew rolled along in his patrol car, he let the camera roll.

"Somebody had one of those ring door bells, and they caught the bobcat as I'm behind it,” he said.

Marcus Stephens, with 911 Wildlife, says now is the time of year people will see bobcats.

"It's not necessarily that there's an increase in sightings,” he explained. “It's that there's an increase in video surveillance."

Stephens says the cubs have left their mothers and are roaming. But he says they are not a threat to anyone.

The wildlife expert says more development in cities like The Colony mean more creatures will come out.

Mike Gomez captured another video of a bobcat on Oak Shores Drive in Plano.

"The worst thing you can do is back off or pull out your phone and take a picture or video. Don't do that,” Stephens said. “You need to be aggressive. You need to scream and yell at it. Throw things."

The wildlife expert we talked to says if you see a bobcat and want to keep it out of your neighborhood, bang some pots and pans to scare it away.

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