Balch Springs reverend getting help from church family after losing home to grass fire

There were about 40 people who lost everything in Monday's fire in Balch Springs that did $6 million in damages.

About a week after the fire, many families are still staying in hotels.

One of those families is the Jackson’s.

Even with losing everything, the Jackson’s said they are thankful for the people who surround them during this difficult time.

Reverend Frederick Jackson is faced with the terrifying task of starting over as he sits front row at Sunday service. 

"Starting over. Right now is truly a mystery, but I know it will take place," Jackson said.

The first step of healing was coming from inside Greater Golden Gate Baptist Church in Dallas. 

Its church community is helping raise funds for Reverend Jackson’s toughest challenge yet.

"I witnessed total devastation and destruction," Jackson said. "It looked like a war zone back behind our house."

What’s left of his Balch Springs home sat in a pile of ashes Sunday. 

Only one wall still stands. 

Six days ago, a grass fire, sparked by mowers accidentally hitting debris, spread into a nearby subdivision off Broadview Drive.

There were 26 houses that were damaged. 

At least nine homes, including Jackson’s, are now a total loss.

No one was injured, but dozens are left displaced.

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Jackson is now staying in a hotel with other neighbors. 

Less than a week ago, Jackson was out shopping for a suit, when he got the call his livelihood was up in flames.

"We all are facing something we have never seen before in our life. Just the fact it happened so quickly," Jackson said.

The fast-moving fire, mixed with dry conditions, became overwhelming for nearby fire departments. 

Families are now relying on donation drives with the fire leaving $6 million in damage. 

The neighborhood is now starting a new week of recovery. 

"We had to thank God because we all were still alive, but my prayers go up mightily for my neighbors," Jackson said.

Jackson’s friends and congregation stepped up to set up a GoFundMe. 

"It’s overwhelming. I know I’m loved," he added. 

Sunday, donations came pouring in from his sacred second home as he begins to think about building a new one. 

"And then I wonder to myself, ‘How am I going to make this?’ And he said, ‘Isaiah 40,’ and it says wait on him," Jackson said. "As I wait on him and I know he will renew me and that’s what I’m holding onto."

Jackson said he will be back out at his house Monday to help survey the damage. 

He said, thankfully, he has insurance, though he’s worried about his neighbors who do not have insurance. 

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