Mesquite murder investigation brings police to Rowlett neighborhood

People living in a Rowlett neighborhood woke up to dozens of Mesquite police officers in their neighborhood.

Mesquite police say Wednesday morning’s large showing was connected to a murder that happened Tuesday night.

Cellphone video sent to FOX 4 shows the large police presence Wednesday morning at home on Azalea Drive in Rowlett. 

Mesquite police confirm it was their officers at the Rowlett home as part of a homicide investigation. 

Joyce Drahman lives nearby and saw the scene as she left for work. 

"I just saw probably 20 police officers all over various yards," she recalled.

Drahma didn’t know what happened, so she called the Rowlett non-emergency line to make sure everything was okay.

"And they didn’t give me much information," she said. "They said it was not a Rowlett activity, that it was another jurisdiction activity. They didn’t tell me who it was, and they just said they were serving a warrant." 


$55K reward offered for information on killing of Mesquite soldier

Private First Class Katia Duenas-Aguilar from Mesquite was murdered in Tennessee, near the Fort Campbell army base where she was stationed.

Police didn’t say whether the murder suspect ultimately was taken into custody, but Mesquite police did confirm that the homicide investigation is connected to a shooting that happened Tuesday around 11:30 p.m. on North Town East Boulevard. 

Police haven’t shared any details on who was killed or a potential motive for the shooting. 

In Rowlett, Drahman hopes her neighborhood goes back to its usual peace and quiet. 

"It’s unnerving," she said. "We don’t like things to go through the neighborhood." 

FOX 4 reached out to Mesquite police numerous times for more information. They would only say they’re still working to gather more details and plan to send out a full release on the investigation soon.