Audio of 911 call released from Frisco woman bitten by Dak Prescott's dog

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Police have released audio of the 911 call from a Frisco woman who was bitten while trying to break up a fight involving Dak Prescott's dog.

Turns out it was a much more violent attack than one might have suspected.

The 911 call from the woman is chilling.

CALLER:   I have two dogs attacking me. Myself and my other dog.
911:            What's the...?
CALLER:    In my back yard.

The incident happened the morning of Feb. 25, in the exclusive, gated community where Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott lives.

911:            What kind of dogs are they?
CALLER:    Like pit bulls.

CALLER:   They're my neighbor’s dogs.
911:            Okay."
CALLER:   They're Dak Prescott's dogs.
911:           They're Dak Prescott's dogs?
 CALLER:   Yes. One…they're both pit bulls and one is unfixed.

Prescott has a custom built dog run and kennel on the side of his home.

Frisco police say Prescott’s dogs got out through an unsecured door.

Prescott was not home at the time, but had someone there to take care of the home and dogs.

911:          Are you able to get away from them?
CALLER: I'm trying. They've broken down my fence in my back yard and then they bit off my finger. 911:         They bit off your finger?
CALLER: Yeah, the tip of my finger.

911:           Are you inside?
 CALLER:  No, I'm standing outside with a stick trying to beat them off.

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According to the initial police report, the first officer to arrive found the woman’s “right hand to be bandaged” by paramedics.

Her “finger was still attached, but split open,” the report states.

The officer found damage to the fence, with “one picket removed from the gate” and “what appeared to be chew marks” on it.

Animal services captured both of Prescott’s dogs.

One of them — a 90-pound pit bull named Icon — was put into quarantine for 10 days.

That quarantine was lifted Thursday, but police say Icon will remain in custody at the animal shelter pending the outcome of a dangerous dog hearing.

FOX 4’s efforts to contact the bite victim were unsuccessful, and neighbors are reluctant to talk about the incident.

But one said that whenever he has seen Prescott with his dogs, they were on a leash.

“I’ve seen him outside with the dogs, at times, when I was here in the summer time, but other than that, I haven’t seen too much of him,” Prescott’s neighbor, Braelen Evans, said.

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Safety codes define a dangerous dog as one that makes an unprovoked attack on a person outside of its enclosure and causes bodily injury, or acts in a way that causes a person to believe they will be attacked or injured.

If the dog is classified as dangerous, Prescott may have to register Icon and take out an insurance policy, or the dog could be euthanized.

The dangerous dog hearing is set for March 20.

There is also a potential criminal charge for Prescott. A Class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500.