Arrest warrant issued for Dallas PD officer for ‘pyramid promotion scheme’

A Dallas Police Department officer is facing arrest for organizing what the department calls a "pyramid promotion scheme." There are 14 other DPD employees under investigation as well.

Police said an arrest warrant was issued for Reginald Jones, but police did not provide details of the complaint.

Pyramid schemes typically involve a few organizers who take money from several other participants in return for the promise of bigger payouts, which then do not materialize.

The people at the top get paid by the people at the bottom of the pyramid, who usually never get paid.

The other DPD employees under investigation include a major, a lieutenant, two sergeants and three senior corporals.

Dallas police said all of those cases have been sent to the district attorney's office for a grand jury referral.

All of the employees under investigation are with South-Central Patrol Division, and have been placed on administrative leave until an internal investigation is completed.

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