Arrest made in hit-and-run crash that killed Granbury skateboarder

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Texas State Troopers arrested a man Thursday for hitting a 19-year-old man in Granbury and failing to stop and render aid.

Clinton Sandel, 34, is accused of hitting and killing Blyth Baggett on April 13, then driving off.

Authorities tracked Sandel down at a home in Arlington Thursday morning, about 50 miles from the crash site.

According to police, Baggett was skateboarding on the westbound side of Acton Highway about a mile from his home when he was hit.

His family said the arrest won't bring their son back, but now they have some answers.

In an interview with FOX 4 after the arrest, Baggett's mother Trayce Sciba remembered her quirky 19 year old son as a caring uncle to his two nephews and niece.

“He was just a big jokester,” said Sciba. “He was always trying to help other people… He was really good. He's always been really close to his niece.  If he was having a hard time with things, he would think about her to get him through it."

Sciba said her son also loved to work with his hands and would repair old trucks.

Authorities said the suspect came forward the day after the crash. Police also found a key piece of evidence from the crime scene, a black side mirror.

Baggett’s mother said for families of hit-and-run victims, not knowing is the hardest part.

“The families are left wondering, ‘Who did this? Why did it happen? Why didn't they help?” Sciba said. “A lot of them never get the answers. So, I feel like I've been blessed to have this person take responsibility."

Sciba is now working to get justice and closure for her son and her family.

“If they would've just stopped and tried to help, it wouldn't bring my son back,” Sciba said. “It would not have saved him. But, if they would've taken the responsibility to call right then, it wouldn't be this bad.”

When asked about her feelings towards the driver, Sciba said she actually pities him and feels sympathy for his family.

Sandel is currently being held at the Hood County Jail on a felony charge.