Arrest affidavit details sex assault investigation of Collin County caregiver

New documents reveal more details about a sexual assault investigation involving the Collin County caregiver accused of lying about her nursing license.

The arrest affidavit describes allegations against Glenda Basanes, 44, by an elderly patient she cared for.

The disturbing allegations are laid out in a new arrest affidavit. The elderly patient claims she was sexually abused by Basanes on at least two separate occasions.

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As Basanes sits in a Collin County jail cell charged with assault and injury to the elderly, a new court document reveals the despicable acts she is accused of committing against a 91-year-old patient entrusted in her care at Loving Care Home, an assisted living facility in Allen.

Cindy Zolnierek is CEO of the Texas Nurses Association based in Austin.

“I'm horrified. I have cared for elderly. I have worked in long-term care. These are some of our most vulnerable individuals who count on being protected,” she said.

The criminal complaint alleges Basanes was posing as a registered nurse and “cupped the victim's buttocks in her hands and started shaking her buttocks.”

On another occasion, Basanes allegedly “pulled her sheets off her while she was in bed and made comments about her legs.”

The patient reported the alleged encounters to other staff members.

Basanes worked at Loving Care Home for just 64 days before she was fired and later arrested.

Kelly Sparks is the co-owner of the assisted living facility. She spoke to FOX 4 on Monday.

“Looking back on it, we feel terrible,” she said. “We’re here to love and protect these people, and we just feel so terrible that we would bring someone like this into their lives. But she was clearly a master manipulator and good at what she was doing.”

Sparks says Basanes told her during the job interview that she was a registered nurse. But Sparks says that information was not verified with the state before Basanes was allowed to care for patients.

Texas Health and Human Services says Basanes does not have a nursing license and is conducting its own investigation.

“That review will help them identify what policies and procedures perhaps were lacking,” Zolnierek said. “It would have been appropriate to keep the person from initiating work and any kind of patient care until that license could indeed be verified.”

A spokeswoman with Texas Health and Human Services says investigators are working to determine if the facility followed regulations to ensure that residents are safe.

If not, the Loving Care Home could be issued violations for which the facility has the right to submit a plan of correction and other enforcement actions. No decision has been made.