VIDEO: Arlington suspect shoots at police, shot 3 times after chase

Arlington police released body camera and dash camera video of an officer-involved shooting last month.

Police say 21-year-old Austin Taylor fired at an officer as he was running in a vehicle from police. That escalated the disturbance call to a dangerous level, and Arlington's police chief says his officers met that danger.

The shooting happened on May 20 in the 3700 block of Shady Valley Drive.

It started with a domestic call at a home followed by an attempted armed robbery and a truck theft.

A family member told 911 dispatchers that 20-year-old Austin Taylor got into an argument with family members over his alleged drug use.

Officers located Taylor not far from the family home and offered to drive him home, but they needed to check him for weapons.

Taylor took off running before police could search him. But because he hadn't committed any crime, police did not try to catch him.

A homeowner then called police saying that a man had approached him with a gun while asking for money.

"Subject ran through their backyard. Appeared to be possibly holding a gun in his hand. Then asked the complainant's husband for $200. Then ran away toward Pioneer. Matching the description of your subject," dispatch told the officers.

That's when police started searching for Taylor, noting that he had a gun.

"Additional reports started coming in from a nearby golf course about a man holding a gun and running through the area," said Arlington Police Chief Al Jones.

Taylor's family called police again to tell them he was back home. Police encountered him in the driveway.

Ignoring commands, Taylor cut out in a pickup truck. Police picked up behind him, giving chase.

"During the pursuit, Mr. Taylor fired a shot through his windshield towards an officer who was outside of his patrol car," Jones said.

Police marked on the video where the shot was fired and showed the truck's windshield with a bullet hole.

Police say Taylor then crashed the pickup and started running from police.

Austin Taylor 

"Taylor jumps out of the truck, gun in hand, pants sagging, a backpack and takes off running. Police chasing on foot led him to another driveway where he is under a truck," Jones said.

Despite repeated commands, Jones didn’t crawl out from under the truck. For more than two minutes officers tried to get him to come out before dozens of bullets were fired. 

When officers got to Taylor, they realized he had been shot three times and began first aid procedures.

The chief called this an unfortunate incident that didn't have to happen.

"We didn't escalate that. If Mr. Taylor would have complied. He had several opportunities to comply with our orders," Jones said. "What is even more disturbing is that he fired his weapon at one of our officers. That right there is really serious to me."

Taylor is being held in the Tarrant County Jail. He’s charged with multiple counts, including aggravated assault of a public servant.

The names of the officers who fired at Taylor are not being released. Arlington police say one of the officers was a police sergeant who has spent 29 years on the force. The other was an 18-year veteran.

No officers were hurt.