Arlington police arrest road rage shooting suspect

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Arlington police arrested a man suspected in a road rage shooting that happened last year.

Andrew Cantu, 29, turned himself in at the police headquarters Tuesday. He was charged for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and booked into jail.

The road rage incident happened last October on Interstate 20 near Collin Street in Arlington. The victim, Kyle Johnson, was in a car with his wife and two kids at the time.

Johnson’s wife told police that a car behind them acted as if her husband wasn’t driving fast enough. The car tried to pass them and ended up sideswiping their passenger side.

The Johnsons pulled over to exchange information. That’s when things reportedly turned violent.

“Next thing I know, he’s running up alongside my driver’s side and kicks my mirror. He’s yelling at me, screaming profane language,” Johnson told FOX 4 in an interview shortly after it happened.

Johnson was shot in the head. Fortunately, the bullet hit his temple and only grazed his skull.

Police say the description of Cantu's distinctive white BMW 328 Hatchback prompted several tips from viewers who identified him as a possible suspect. 

Investigators talked to Cantu’s wife, family members and his parents after they tried to sell his car in Houston. Several of his family members confirmed he owned guns and left for Mexico shortly after the shooting.

"We actually received some citizens tips that had extremely viable information — everything from who they believed the suspect was to the exact car he was driving,” explained Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook. “So our detectives have been on this case. We've had some strong leads. What happened was once they tracked the vehicle we determined it was sold down in the Houston area. We had intelligence that the suspect had fled to Mexico.”

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Cantu quit his job, left his family and fled to Mexico after the shooting. He left the car used in the road rage incident in the driveway of his parents’ house in Pasadena.

Police got a tip about Cantu’s involvement after he allegedly told a co-worker he was involved in a shooting.

The affidavit describes an online profile Cantu posted with a work-related website. He said his secret talents were “I’m crazy.” When asked about his hobbies, he wrote, “I am a gun enthusiast.”

The affidavit says someone who knew the suspect told detectives they "believe the suspect is dangerous and would like to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation. They had seen the suspect with multiple handguns. The guns would be different, but he always had one with him."

Earlier this month, police said they got a call from an attorney who said Cantu wanted to surrender.

Cantu is still being held in the Tarrant County jail. No bond amount was set.