Arlington homeowner dies after shooting man dead in home

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An Arlington homeowner shot and killed a man inside his home and then also died late Wednesday.

Police were called about 10:30 p.m. to the home in the 3400 block of Spring Meadows Drive.

While initial reports made the incident seem like a homeowner shooting a burglar, police said Thursday morning they believed the two men knew each other and that the incident was not random.

The homeowner, David Stephenson, 54, shot Destrey Tinner, 24. Tinner managed to get out of the home and then collapsed.

When police arrived on scene they found the homeowner, Stephenson, had collapsed in the garage.

Both men died early Thursday at an Arlington hospital.

The homeowner reportedly experienced shortness of breath before collapsing in the garage, but an official cause of death has not been released.

Police said there was the possibility that “high-risk” behavior was happening at the home.

Stephenson’s wife was also overcome when she found out what happened to her husband and an ambulance had to be called for her as well, but she was able to be treated on scene.