Arlington father killed in Dallas townhome collapse

A townhouse that was under construction in West Dallas collapsed and killed a worker.

The man who died has been identified as 35-year-old Raul Ortega Cabrera from Arlington. His family said he was a husband and father of two with another baby on the way.

He also played the saxophone in a local band and was heavily involved with his kids' soccer team.

The flags outside the construction site near Singleton Boulevard and Sylvan Avenue have been lowered in Ortega's honor.

He and five other construction workers were trapped when lumber from a three-story home came crashing down on them. The home was being built and was just a wood frame when rain and high winds passed through the area Monday afternoon.

Ortega's cousin, Noe, says he and other workers ran into one of the three-story townhomes still under construction for safety.

“When the rain came, everybody took shelter,” Noe said. “The first option is to go into the buildings.”

Minutes later the wood frame structure came crashing down, trapping Ortega and five other workers in the debris.

Noe got a call from one of the other workers who witnessed the collapse. He jumped in his truck and began making the 20-minute drive to the construction site.

Meanwhile, Dallas Fire-Rescue arrived on scene and began removing the debris. They were able to save five of the men, but Ortega was killed.

“I don't know. My heart is broken,” Noe said.

The company building the townhomes, Megatel Homes, has not commented publicly about the incident.

Noe says the company is helping them with funeral expenses. Ortega's wife is pregnant with their third child.

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