Arlington City Council votes to limit short-term rentals

The city of Arlington took the final step to limit short-term rentals, like Airbnb, in the city limits.

The city council approved the ordinance 6 to 3 that allows short term-rental properties in parts of the city.

It was a decision years in the making.

The Arlington City Council will allow short-term rentals within roughly a mile radius around the Entertainment District. AT&T Stadium and Texas Live! is at the center.

A city spokesperson calls the decision a compromise between two groups staunchly divided.

Jeremy Fenceroy is in support of short term rents. He says STRs are a lifeline for many residents.

“Our lodging here is very limited. There’s a huge demand for it,” Fenceroy said. “And for the citizens of Arlington, it presents people with an opportunity to raise some additional revenue to help take care of people to help take care of their families.”

Fenceroy says the ordinance is too restrictive and will negatively affect the 428 homes currently operating as STRs.

But on the other side of the issue, there are people like Jessica Black with Moms Against Short-Term Rentals. She says there’s a rental in her neighborhood that’s been a safety concern for nearby families.

“I don’t have to have that pit in my stomach as I drive by and see kids in front of that house,” she said.

But those in favor of short-term rentals call the council’s decision a violation of the rights of residents and say they plan to take the city to court.

The Arlington ordinance will take effect in August.

There are still multiple bills on the table in Austin that would stop cities from restricting short-term rentals. Any decision from the legislature would supersede Arlington’s decision.