Argyle ISD keeps mask mandate for remainder of school year

Argyle ISD opted to keep a mask mandate in place after a school board meeting Monday night.

An open discussion was held and the decision left some parents frustrated, while others were relieved.

"One teen feeling isolated, their face covered regularly, ridiculed, shamed, and threatened by staff at their school. For not properly wearing a mask. Struggling, with suicidal thoughts. Do you know this?" said parent Cecelia McCasland.

"I think one of our reasons for the success this year is the masks and keeping kids healthy. I hate wearing masks, I hate saying 100 times a day, ‘Hey pull up your mask.’ But that’s the world we live in," said Marc Koke, Argyle H.S. girls' soccer coach.

Koke said keeping the mask rules would give all the spring activities a chance to occur and for seniors to have something close to a normal end of the school year.

One principal who spoke during the meeting said several teachers quit last year out of fear concerning their health and safety.

The Argyle ISD board held the discussion after the statewide mask mandate ended last week and state education officials said masking rules in schools would take place at the district level.

According to the Argyle ISD COVID-19 dashboard, 341 staff and students have had confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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