Anti-bullying rallies held in response to McKinney Boyd student's suicide

Parents of students at McKinney Boyd High School held an anti-bullying rally Thursday morning in response to a teen's suicide.

Police say Raymond Howell killed himself last week with a stolen gun his best friend had given him.

That friend, Jordan Sharifi, was arrested on several charges including giving a gun to a child.

Friends say Howell was bullied, but the school district has no record of it. There is only record of a fight on March 23.

The anti-bullying website shared video of the fight with FOX 4. In it Howell is wearing a black shirt.

The school district did not classify the fight as bullying, but said those involved were disciplined.

A statement from the district says in part that it has investigated the matter "extensively," including interviews. It goes on to say, "while we have not identified any reports of bullying preceding this loss, we will continue to work diligently in search of information or signs that could have helped to prevent such a tragedy."

The district also said it supports the rallies.

Another rally is planned for Friday. Again parents will be wearing green, which was Howell's favorite color.