Amber Guyger set to appear in court for another hearing Monday

A Dallas police officer who shot and killed her upstairs neighbor is expected to appear in court at 9 a.m. Monday for a hearing in the murder case.

Former officer Amber Guyger is charged with killing Botham Jean in his apartment at the Southside Flats in September 2018.

Guyger claims she walked into the wrong apartment and shot Jean, mistaking him for an intruder in her apartment.

Two witnesses are set to appear in Dallas County court Monday morning to talk about Guyger's police training and the long hours she worked leading up to the shooting.

According to court documents, one witness has been told to hand over a copy of the lesson plans for several courses Guyger would've taken during her time at the Dallas Police Academy from 2013 to 2014. Among them, were courses on subjects like de-escalation techniques, use of force training, and less lethal electronic control device training.

Heath Harris is an attorney and former assistant district attorney not connected to the case.

“I think the state is trying to get as much information as possible to show that Ms. Guyger didn't respond as a police officer. [She] should have responded based on the training and experience she received from the Dallas Police Department,” he said.

Harris has prosecuted police officers before, and gave insight on the strategies the prosecution and the defense might use in this case.

“She's coming home, unfortunately for her, she comes to the wrong apartment, and she acts as a homeowner not as a police officer,” Harris added. “That's going to be the defense's biggest theory. And what they're trying to show. The state's going to be saying, ‘No, the reasons her actions were not reasonable were because she's not an ordinary citizen. She's a trained Dallas police officer.’”

Another witness expected to testify on Monday is a Dallas police lieutenant, who is set to speak about Guyger's time card from August 15, 2018, until Sep. 7, 2018, the day after the shooting.

“If I'm the defense, I'm going to try to show, look, she worked several hours and unfortunately because she's out protecting the citizens of Dallas County, putting her life on the line, she was tired. And unfortunately for her, she went to the wrong apartment,” Harris said.

“The state's going to be trying to show just the opposite. This is not the first time you've worked these types of hours, you've never had any problems going to your home before, so why on this occasion did you have problems,” Harris added.

Monday's hearing is just one step in the process of more evidence and witness testimony to come out in the Guyger case.

No trial date has been set.