Amazon Prime Day prime time for phishing scams

Shoppers are ready for two days of deals. But buyer beware! Consumer reporter Steve Noviello says Amazon Prime Day may be ripe with opportunities for fraud.

Consumers everywhere are expected to shop on Amazon for more than a million deals over two days. And with so much traffic and an influx of folks who may not usually shop online, Prime Day is prime time for phishing scams.

Security company McAfee said a new phishing scam has its eyes on Amazon users. An email that appears to be from Amazon tries to trick users into giving away log in data and financial information.

Experts warn Prime Day is an easy time to get duped even if you're an experienced shopper. The limited time and limited quantity of deals may cause you to act faster than you think.

When you see an email saying your payment didn't go through or you were accidentally overcharged, take a breath and investigate. Cross-reference your bank or credit card statement and look for pending charges.

Look closely at the actual address of the email, not just the sender. Hover over links before you click them to see where they ultimately take you.

And if you do have questions about your account, log in to Amazon from their website and not from the link in an email.

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