Allen ISD presents controversial rezoning plan, final vote set

Families in Allen got their first chance to directly address the school board over a plan to close two elementary schools.

Trustees presented the plan to redraw the district’s boundary lines during Monday night’s school board meeting. They said schools on Allen’s west side are overcrowded.

The board plans to repurpose two schools with low enrollment numbers on Allen’s east side.

Allen ISD parents protest attendance realignment of elementary schools

"Why close Roundtree Allen's first elementary school – the heart and soul of this town?" one parent asked.

"Do you care about what we think? Or just think that just because we’re a little upset doesn’t mean we’re not trying to find solutions and work with you? So I ask you to please vote not and let’s come together and work on something," another parent said.

A final vote is set for Nov. 28.

If approved, the plan would go into effect next school year.