85-year-old man arrested for Garland cold case murder

Garland police said they’ve solved a murder case that date back 37 years.

Investigators used DNA technology to link Liborio Canales to the 1986 death of his sister-in-law, Barbara Villareal.

Police said Villareal was brutally stabbed multiple times in a home in Garland. 

Detectives at the time were able to collect blood evidence believed to be from the killer. 

They excluded Villareal’s husband as a suspect but could not solve the murder until now.


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Newer DNA tests revealed the suspect was closely related to Villareal’s husband. 

They questioned his brother, Canales, who is now 85 years old and was living in New Mexico.

Police said Canales confessed to the crime. He told detectives he was upset with Villareal over a family dispute.

Canales is currently being held in New Mexico on a $1 million bond.

Canales is set to be extradited to Dallas County soon.