8-year-old recovering after being shot in Northeast Dallas apartments

An 8-year-old Dallas boy who was the unintended target in a shooting is recovering from injuries to his eye, neck and body.

A fight between adults Friday afternoon escalated in the parking lot of the Hidden Ridge Apartment homes in northeast Dallas.

Police say a man fired a shotgun into a crowd, and another man returned fire.

Since the shooting, the little boy and his 10-year-old brother were taken into the custody of Child Protective Services as police sort out what happened.

Not long after the shooting at the apartment homes, a neighbor named Angela says she ran outside and saw a child bleeding on the ground.

“I was trying to see his wounds, and then I just said let me take some pictures because I don't know where his mom is. That's what I was thinking about,” she said. “I prayed over him. I told him it's going to be alright. I was trying to see his wounds.”

Angela says the 8-year-old was conscious and talking while help was on the way.

Police were able to recover a shotgun at the scene and say an adult involved in a fight shot into a crowd. Another man returned fire.

“It's sad that a child had to be at stake for some grown people's ignorance,” said Angela. “That's sad.”

“It’s dangerous out here,” said neighbor Maurice Lincoln. “A lot of people out here with guns, and a bad situation turned worse.”

The mother of the injured 8-year-old child says the violence started when she was confronted by another woman in the parking lot over a personal issue. She says the man with the shotgun was her boyfriend Kenneth Peters and that he was trying to help when he fired the weapon, hitting her son.

Peters was also injured and is now facing aggravated assault and injury to a child charges.

The injured child's mom said she didn't want to give an interview on camera until she's had a chance to go to court to try and get her kids back. She says the second man with a gun was also arrested, but Dallas police haven't confirmed any updates.