6 overdose on synthetic drug at Plano mansion

Six people were taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning after overdosing on a synthetic drug at an upscale Plano party.

Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley confirmed officers were called to a house on Silver Falls Court around 2 a.m. Public records show the large home is valued at about $2.1 million.

Tilley said several young people – ranging in age from late teens to early 20s – were sickened by some sort of synthetic drug. Police believe the drug involved was either K2 or something similar. All six who were taken to the hospital are expected to recover.

One responding officer also needed medical attention after being punched by a party goer, Tilley said. That officer received stitches but is otherwise expected to be fine.

Plano police are investigating the source of the drug.

"We don't stop to determine that we have an overdose and end it there. We start digging in to determine where these subjects were able to obtain this product so that we can start moving that direction," Tilley said.

The only older adult who was home at the time was asleep and likely unaware of what was occurring, police said.