4 people arrested for Princeton mother's murder

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Police in the Collin County city of Princeton have arrested four people in a murder-for-hire plot of a single mother stemming from a love triangle.

45-year-old Ronnie Welborn, 28-year-old Kadie Robinson, 35-year-old Robert Veal and 38-year-old Delvin Powel are all charged with capital murder while remuneration, or payment.

Kelli Underwood, 46, was found dead in her home in late September. Initially, police suspected suicide, but an autopsy indicated she was murdered. Police would not say how she was killed.

Police said Veal tried to run away when officers showed up at his Collin County home to arrest him early Thursday morning. Powel was already in jail.

Underwood's two sisters and father are feeling some relief that her alleged killers may finally see justice, but that relief is accompanied by shock and betrayal.

“I'm grateful for all the hard work that was done,” said Amber Parker, Underwood’s sister. “Hopefully, these people will pay for what they did. Just hoping for justice for Kelli.”

“It's sad because she trusted her boss,” said Ginger Ambrose, Underwood’s sister. “She trusted the people that she had around her.”

Underwood's family says Welborn was her boss at a Farmersville sheet metal fabrication company where she'd worked for about 5 years. Robinson was his girlfriend. They say Veal is someone Underwood knew well, too. In fact, they say she'd raised money for the burial of Veal’s child, who passed away from leukemia a few years ago.

Powell was already sitting in jail for a family violence charge when police picked up the others.

The 46-year-old was a single mother of three. She was described as funny and someone who loved karaoke. Her family says the holidays will be especially difficult without her.

“It's been horrible,” said Tim Graham Sr., Underwood’s father. “It's just been sad for me and my wife both.”