2023 poll: What is America’s biggest problem right now?

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Government, inflation and immigration. These are the top issues many Americans believe are the United States’ biggest problems for 2023. 

Gallup conducted a poll between Jan. 2 and Jan. 22 asking Americans what they believe is the most important problem facing this country today. 

The poll ranked the most important U.S. problems in this order:

  1. Government/poor leadership: 21%
  2. Inflation: 15%
  3. Immigration: 11%
  4. Economy in general: 10%
  5. Unifying the country: 6%
  6. Race relations/racism: 5%
  7. Poverty/hunger/homelessness: 5%
  8. Crime/violence: 4%
  9. Ethical/moral family decline: 4%

What are Americans saying?


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Government/poor leadership kept its first place spot since Gallup’s Nov. 2022 poll, and actually increased five points since then with 21% of Americans agreeing this is the country’s biggest problem. 

Of the 21% who said the U.S. has poor government/leadership, 24% were Republicans and Republican-leaning and 18% were Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, Gallup noted. 

Inflation came in at 15%, which is one point less than Nov. 2022, and immigration jumped up three points, coming in at 11%. 

The economy fell six points since Nov. 2022 to 10% which is the lowest it has been in years, according to Gallup. 

More than four in five Americans believe the U.S. economic conditions are fair (38%) or poor (45%) with a smaller group ranking it as excellent (2%) or good (15%). 


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"Furthermore, 72% of Americans say the economy is getting worse, 22% say it is improving, and 4% think it is staying the same," Gallup said. 

And despite the gloomy outlook on the economy in general, Americans are more optimistic when it comes to the job market. Sixty-four percent of Americans said right now was a great time to find a quality job in the U.S. 

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Republicans vs. Democrats

While most Americans agree on the top three biggest problems, one of the most obvious differences in the poll was the ranking of immigration as a problem in the U.S. 

While Democrats did rank it as a problem, they didn’t rank it nearly as high as Republicans. 

Immigration came in at 18% for Republicans while Democrats only polled at 5%. 

Another notable difference was where the environment and wealth gap ranked between Republicans and Democrats. 

For both the environment and wealth gap, both came in at 0% for Republicans. 

Conversely, Democrats polled at 6% and 4% for the environment and the wealth gap, respectively. 

Race relations polled at 9% for Democrats, ranking it the same as the economy in general, while on the other side of the aisle, race relations polled at 2%. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.