17-year-old stepson accused of murdering new stepmom

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Police in Oklahoma are investigating the murder of a well-known nurse and mother who used to live in North Texas.

Police said Kathryn Bryant’s stepson used a baseball bat to knock her out and a rifle to shoot her.

Married only about a year, Bryant's husband came home and made the horrible discovery in the garage of their home last week in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Police have arrested her 17-year-old stepson, Joshua Bryant, on a murder charge.

In North Texas, her family says Katherine Bryant was a well-known and respected nurse in Tarrant County for many years.

"She wasn't just a good nurse, she was a good person and the love she gave to people was genuine and they knew that something people remember,” said nephew Matt Blake.

Police say Joshua Bryant told investigators he hit his stepmother in the head with a baseball bat, dragged her body into the garage and shot her in the head with a rifle.

Police say they don't know why.

"To know she's gone and no real reason for it at least that anybody is really going to understand, makes it hard,” said Blake.

Joshua Bryant will be tried as an adult and remains in jail without bond.