Turkey Recovery Taco

What do you do with all that leftover turkey? The folks at Tacodeli share the recipe for a taco that's filled with turkey and a basil pasilla sauce.

Turkey Recovery Taco

Taco Sauce
Leftover shredded turkey meat 1 Lbs    
Basil Pasilla Sauce (see accompanying recipe) 1.5 Cups    
Canola blend 3-4 Tbsp        
Tortillas, hot            

Heat oil in saute pan to just before smoke point (400 or so). Add garlic and quickly followed by pasilla peppers and salt. Look for visual cues that pasilla and garlic are gaining color but don't let them burn. When the color change is apparent, add basil and lime juice, toss and take off heat.

Basil Pasilla Sauce
Dried pasilla peppers, rehydrated to soften and sliced thin, patted to remove excess moisture 2 oz (dry weight)
Garlic, diced 1 tsp
Basil (chiffonade) 1/3 Cup

Immediately transfer to a stainless bowl or heat-resistant container to take the sauce off hot pan you used. Set aside and have ready to fold into your left over turkey when you assemble tacos.

Lime juice 2 oz
Olive oil    1/4 Cup 
Salt 1 1/2 tsp    

Heat oil in cast iron or your favorite pan. Add shredded turkey to hot oil. Allow turkey to crisp up over medium heat (avoid too hot of a pan to prevent burning turkey). When turkey reaches desired crispness fold sauce into meat.

Taste for salt
Queso fresco, crumbled 4 oz
Diced pimento 4 oz        
Diced green onion 4 oz        
Sliced limes              

You are ready to serve in a hot tortilla with garnishes and a squirt of lime...enjoy!

LINK: www.tacodeli.com