Tu-Nuts at SkinnyFATS

A new Uptown Dallas restaurant splits the menu down the middle -- healthy or happy? Chef Robert Kennon joins Good Day to make a shareable ahi poke and explain the concept behind SkinnyFATS.

Tu-Nuts at SkinnyFATS

4 oz. ahi tuna
½ each cucumber
½ oz. almonds
¼ oz. scallions
2 oz. slaw
2 fl. oz. spicy mayo
1 fl. oz. poke sauce
4 slices avocado

Dress slaw with half of the spicy mayo and place into the cucumber boat.

Mix diced ahi tuna with poke sauce and scallions. 

Place ahi tuna on top of the cucumber boat. 

Place four slices of avocado on top of the tuna, and then sprinkle the almonds all over the tuna.

Garnish with drizzles of spicy mayo.

Note: Home cooks can purchase their favorite spicy mayo and poke sauce readily from the grocery store. Feel free to choose whichever options you like best! 

LINK: skinnyfats.com/portfolio-item/3700-mckinney-dallas-tx/